TAMA Blue Onyx Microcurrent Facial

The New Non-surgical facelift

I am thrilled to share the latest microcurrent technology with you! Blue Onyx is a simple, non-invasive treatment that diminishes the appearance of pesky fine lines while lifting & tightening the skin. This new treatment device utilizes painless microcurrent stimulation to trigger your body’s natural cellular repair reflex, improving circulation while stimulating muscles that minimize lines and wrinkles.

Fall in love with your skin!

TAMA Blue Onyx results:

Improved muscle tone in face, neck and décolleté
Lifted jowls and brows
Reduce and eliminates fine lines and wrinkles
Smooth and firmer skin
Reduced acne inflammation
Increasing blood circulation, aids in healing after chemical peels and invasive cosmetic procedures
Limited Time TAMA Special
For best results TAMA treatments must be done in a series. I will consult with you to determine your areas of concern based on key factors like: age, current skin health, and pre-exisiting skin conditions. Together, we will develop a microcurrent treatment regimen to help achieve your skincare goals.

Single TAMA Facial Treatment: $130

*Monthly maintenance treatments are highly recommended.
Series discounts and pricing provided upon request.

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